Where do you stand?

Where do you stand?

But I do freely admit this: In regard to the Way… I serve and worship the very same God served and worshiped by all our ancestors and embrace everything written in all our Scriptures. Acts 24:14-15 The Message

Paul is on trial for his faith and his is life is being threaten. He also knows that those who he is appearing in front of do not believe as he does. However, he still boldly states his position regarding who he worships, serves, and what he believes. He gives Christians an outline for how to respond when questioned about the same.

Every believer will be asked at some point who they believe in and why. This could be a question from a family member, friend, or like Paul someone who is completely against what you stand for. This is the opportunity to share your faith in God. Much like Paul, your answer should include that you serve and worship the same God served by those in scripture and that you fully embrace all its teachings. No everyone will agree but at least they will know where you stand.

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