Rise and Shine

But the believers who were scattered preached the Good News about Jesus wherever they went. Acts 8:4 NLT

The church was just getting started and there was a wave of heavy persecution to stop the message being proclaimed about Jesus. This led believers to scatter to other cities. However, when they scatter they still preached the good news about Jesus, so the scattering served to multiple the church. “Persecution does to the church what wind does to seed: it scatters it and only produces a greater harvest.” Wiersbe

When God’s people face persecution, it is a historical fact that they always rose up and defended the truth even more. Anytime we face persecution or see the world falling apart, it’s a sure sign that believers everywhere should stand up for the message of Jesus.

God, help believers everywhere continue to rise for your name in the face of persecution. May we never be ashamed or hide from what is happening in our world, but instead amplify your message that much more. Amen.

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